Fashion has always been integral part of people's lifestyle.
It has been a frontrunner to innovate the living culture and it would only be appropriate to say that fashion has been the best tool for self expression.
Over 40 years since founded, we have always maintained our passion towards fashion and made the best effort to develop better products to meet the customer's changing needs. This is our sole and invaluable asset, which, without question, has contributed to the betterment of our living culture in one way or another.
In an ever-changing world, we continue to focus on the customer's needs.
We strive to develop innovative products with the best quality.
It is our hope that those developments will provide people with pure enjoyment and excitement in wearing these products daily.
We are determined to steadily go forward and poised to welcome the advent of a new era.

Takaaki Hasegawa


OSAKA [大阪本社 Head Office]
Our business was founded here in Hirano-ku, Osaka. With one of the largest showroom space available in the industry equipped with cutting-edge OA digital technology, Osaka Head Office has perfected its operation as a maker in every aspect.
Head Office/ 4-9-5 Hiranonishi, Hirano-ku, Osaka Japan 547-0033
TEL +81-06-6700-1151 FAX +81-06-6700-1150/1160
TOKYO [東京支店 Tokyo Office]
Tokyo Office was built by Sumida River in Daito-ku in 1997. We found a perfect fit for our business in this location of a commercial center and a chemistry of earthly residents of downtown Tokyo. This location offers the best spectator seats for fantastic firework during summer time every year.
Tokyo Office/ 1-1-4 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0051
TEL +81-03-3863-7291 FAX +81-03-3863-7296
LOS ANGELES [ロサンゼルス営業所 Los Angeles Office]
Los Angeles Office
21250 Hawthorne Blvd # 500, Torrance, CA 90503, United States
TEL +1-310-792-7048 FAX +1-310-792-7087
ROMA [ローマ営業所 Rome Office]
Rome Office
Via Paolo Bentivoglio 29/b 00165 Rome, Italy
TEL +39-06-3936-6998 FAX +39-06-633-968
HONG KONG [新亞諾国際有限公司]
TEL+852-2851-8700 FAX +852-2851-8379
HIROSHIMA [因島工場 Innoshima Factory]
Innoshima Factory
Innoshimatakumacho 1300,Onomichi, Hiroshima,722-2324 Japan
TEL +81-0845-26-0171 FAX +81-0845-26-0175